Building a Better Business Case for Sustainability Investments Decisions


Tuesday Oct. 13, 2015: 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.


Today's sustainability investment options are extensive and broad ranging, including relatively straightforward efforts (e.g., energy conservation projects) to multi‐year/multi‐stakeholder initiatives (like those that target social and environmental improvements deep within an organization's supply-chain). While doing any or all of these could yield significant benefits, it is often unclear which will generate the greatest, most enduring value. Faced with this dilemma, business leaders often struggle to understand which choices are best and how they should evaluate the many alternatives to ensure the most effective, efficient and sustainable decisions are made.


The Key Management Challenges this session will address:


  • Positioning sustainability in the center of the business strategy
  • Preparing sustainability professionals and business leaders to do less advocating and prepare more effective business case evaluations and presentations for sustainability investment decision making
  • Putting forth sustainability investment presentations in terms that the CEO, CFO and other decision makers will understand
  • Monetizing the value of the hard-to quantify benefits (such as increased market share, brand reputation impact, etc.) associated with many of today's sustainability investments

What attendees will learn:

In this workshop, participants will learn how to make more effective sustainability investment business cases, gain insights on how to monetize the business value created through sustainability investments and to speak the language of decision makers. During this hands-on, highly interactive workshop, attendees will take away:


  • A greater appreciation for business investment decision making processes
  • The skill to prepare business case presentations that are more aligned with what decision-makers look for when making investment decisions
  • An eight element framework for understanding how to build more effective business case presentations
  • An introduction to methodology that helps quantify intangible benefits - the art of making “intangible benefits tangible”
  • Practical processes of mapping investment business value creation opportunities, and how to quantify and monetize business benefits
  • Tools and worksheets that can be utilized in the evaluation and development of future (other) sustainability investment business opportunities going forward

These concepts will be brought to life through current, real-life sustainability investment business case examples developed for the FEMSA Foundation-The Nature Conservancy Water Fund investment initiatives. Ultimately, attendees will understand the fundamental concepts behind monetizing sustainability investment decisions – how to make seemingly complex concepts simple and communicate them effectively; and utilize a standardized approach to these business decisions, rather than having to reinvent the wheel each time. Attendees will have the tools and concepts to extend the learnings from this workshop to their own businesses.




  • David Moreno, Responsible for Watershed Conservation; FEMSA Foundation
  • Shawn Bobick, Senior Consultant; Antea Group


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Session Agenda


Tuesday Oct. 13, 2015


1:00 -
1:15 p.m.


  • Personal and role/accountabilities
  • Purpose and agenda review


1:15 -
2:15 p.m.

Building More Effective Business Case Presentations


  • Basic Concepts Orientation -- Creating Shared Value & Eight Elements of An Effective Business Case
  • Example Business Case Presentation
  • Facilitated Discussion - Attendees will be asked to extend their learning and the processes exhibited in this module to their own situations and current investment considerations
2:15 -
2:45 p.m.



2:45 -
3:45 p.m.

Business Value Creation and Benefits Decomposition, Quantification and Monetization


  • Process and Method Introduction
  • Case Example – Application of the methods and tools use.
  • Facilitated Discussion - Attendees will be asked to extend their learning and the processes exhibited in this module to their own situations and current investment considerations.
3:45 -
4:00 p.m.

Wrap Up


  • Questions
  • Session Feedback – Value of these processes and tools to their business?

David Moreno, Trainer for the Monetizing Sustainability Business Case Curriculum; FEMSA Foundation & The Nature Conservancy


David Moreno

David Moreno began his career at Kansas City Southern de México in Monterrey as a financial analyst. He then moved to Mexico City to work at Nestlé where he received integrated corporate finance and business training as a high-potential talent and subsequently became part of the business decision support team. The training included a 2-year rotation for almost every area of the company to work with multidisciplinary and multicultural teams. In 2014, he joined FEMSA Foundation to lead the Watershed Conservation team. Today, he has helped to manage and establish 40 Water Funds in 10 Latin America countries and has developed a regional Watershed Conservation strategy for FEMSA Foundation. He is also one of the training facilitators for the Monetizing Sustainability Business Case Curriculum currently being conducted with FEMSA Foundation and The Nature Conservancy.


Shawn Bobick, Senior Consultant; Antea Group


Shawn Bobick

A Senior Consultant with Antea Group, Shawn Bobick is an economic modelling expert who has helped to develop many of the concepts utilized in Antea Group’s Accounting for Sustainability Practice, as well as the Monetization Business Case Curriculum. Shawn has extensive experience supporting private and public organizations, quantifying and projecting costs associated with environmental risks, liabilities and investments. He leads Antea Group's internal probabilistic cost modeling program as related to the execution of liability transfer contracts and provides his clients with support validating environmental reserves along with understanding of long-term risks posed by environmental liabilities. He currently serves clients in the real estate, oil and gas, manufacturing, food, beverage and insurance segments.


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