Heike Naigur, Senior Manager Environmental Services, Ryder Systems Inc.


Heike Naigur

Dr. Heike Naigur is an accomplished Sustainability Senior Manager with 15+ years of experience as greenhouse gas scientist, 7+ years in strategic sustainability planning in areas of transportation, supply change and real estate. She is an environmental compliance expert with 7+ years of experience in compliance tracking, researching environmental legislation in transportation and municipal sectors including hazardous material/waste management, regulated substances and storage tank management. Dr. Naigur is also a sustainability & energy program builder with experience in developing energy & resource efficiency programs.


Dr. Naigur has been the Senior Manager Environmental Services & Sustainability at Ryder Systems Inc. since 2011. She develops reports and tracks key metrics for various sustainability reports including but not limited to Ryder's annual Corporate Sustainability Report and Carbon Disclosure Project. She is also responsible for tracking and enforcing environmental policies and regulations as they relate to truck rental operations, supply chain services and real estate management and conducting 200+ regular environmental audits each year to manage and enforce compliance aspects for waste streams, regulated substance control (diesel, oil) and hazardous material, spill procedures and facility housekeeping.


She is the responsible officer for maintaining, updating, tracking and managing Ryder's internal resource tracking software Energy Cap. Leading efforts to create company-wide energy and resource conservation strategies. She is responsible for implementing and educating employees and other stakeholders on energy, water and waste issues.


Prior to Ryder Dr. Naigur was the Environmental Sustainability Advisory Board Member for the City of Sunrise Florida.


She received her MSc Sustainable Environmental Management from the University of Plymouth in 2007.She received her MSc in Biology Sciences in 1997 from the University of Düsseldorf. She received her PhD in Oceanography from the University of Kiel in 2004.


She is a Board member at Technical Expert Panel Electric Power Sector for The Climate Registry, stakeholder Advisory Group Member Product/Supply Chain, Initiative World Resources Institute, and Broward Climate Change Sub-Committee.


She is a certified Greenhouse Gas Accountant.


Lueger, Heike et al. “The pCO2 variability in the midlatitude North Atlantic Ocean during a full annual cycle” 2004. Global Biogeochemical Cycles.
Lueger, Heike et al. “CO2 fluxes in the subtropical and subarctic North Atlantic based on measurements from a volunteer observing ship” 2006. Journal of Geophysical

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